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4 Reasons to Choose a Pre-Finished Siding Product

One simple and effective way to spruce up your home is with newer, better siding. And if you want to make the most of this upgrade, you should consider choosing a pre-finished siding product. Kearns Brothers, one of the trusted home improvement companies in the area, shares some of the excellent reasons here. 

  1. Pre-finished siding allows for quicker, easier installation. A number of siding options require a lot of prep work before they are installed. Plus, most of them need to be painted so they can provide your home with the look you want. It’s a different matter when you choose pre-finished siding. It helps cut back time and labor, making it more cost-effective compared to its counterparts. Once your pre-finished siding is installed, the work is essentially done.
  1. It keeps a consistent color. Pre-finished siding comes with a baked-on color that is applied under factory-controlled conditions and follows strict quality control methods. This allows for siding boards that keep a consistent color throughout, which means no color variations, streaks, lap marks, and shrink lines. One prime example of a pre-finished siding product is the James Hardie® fiber cement siding with ColorPlus® Technology offered by one of the area’s premier siding and roof installers, Kearns Brothers. 
  1. Pre-finished siding is low-maintenance. That’s because it’s designed to withstand minor cosmetic damage and constant sun exposure. Pre-finished siding doesn’t need scraping, staining, or repainting, allowing for a low-maintenance home exterior that remains beautiful and vibrant for longer. 
  1. It allows for a cleaner job site. A pre-finished siding means no paint cans and cleanup materials littering the side of your home. There’s also no chance for drips, overspray, and splatters that can create an unnecessary mess in your landscaping and property.

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