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5 Things to Consider When Picking a New Siding System

When you’re having your exterior siding system replaced, you have many things to think about. For instance, you not only have to think about the contractor who’ll install the new siding for you but you’ll also need to think about your finances as well as the kind of siding that you need to install. Fortunately, the latter can be solved easily; all you have to do is learn what you should look for in a new siding system.

Here are the five factors you need to consider when picking a new siding for your home.

1. Ease of Installation – If you’re working on a budget, one of the things that you need to look for when picking a new siding is its ease of installation. This is because the easier it is to install the siding in your home, the faster your project will be completed, allowing you to save a significant amount from the reduced labor costs.
2. Durability – Another thing that you should always look for when choosing a new siding is durability. Remember: Your siding serves as your home’s protective shell against the elements and as such, it should be able to withstand environmental threats over the course of its service life. Thankfully, there are many siding materials out there that are incredibly durable such as vinyl, metal, and fiber cement.
3. Maintenance Requirements – Some siding materials, such as wood and composite products, require a lot of maintenance throughout the years while vinyl and fiber cement hardly need any maintenance at all. As such, since it’s the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain your siding, be sure to pick a siding whose maintenance requirements suit your schedule.
4. Aesthetic Appeal – Any siding and roof repair expert will tell you that your siding system plays a significant role in improving your home’s curb appeal. With that in mind, if you’re having your current siding replaced, be sure to pick one that greatly increases your home’s aesthetic appeal. That way, not only will your home stand out in a unique way but you can increase your property’s value as well.
5. Energy Efficiency – Finally, if you’re looking for long term savings, choose a siding that can significantly reduce the heat transfer of your home. This is because by picking an energy-efficient siding system, you can save a significant amount from your heating and cooling bills on a monthly basis.

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