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A Homeowner’s Guide to Popular Siding Profiles

If you’re thinking of updating your home with new siding, then this may be your opportunity to try a different pattern. With the seemingly endless options on siding material and colors, it won’t be hard to get creative with your decision, but it’s still important to choose the right pattern for your home’s architecture. As one of the best siding and home improvement companies in the area, we’re sharing some popular siding profiles so you can have a better idea on what’s best for your home’s exteriors.

Horizontal Patterns – These are actually the most common and traditional patterns you’ll see in most U.S. homes. Their styles are timeless and appealing, along with sufficient protection against moderate weather. Here are some of the most common options available on the market.

Beaded Pattern – This pattern is actually popular with our selection of CertainTeed® vinyl siding. The pattern itself is a more updated version of the lap pattern. It has more texture and has a “bead” at the bottom of each horizontal board. This provides that textured surface.

Traditional Lap Pattern – Along with the beaded pattern design, this is also popular with our selection of James Hardie® fiber cement siding. It’s also one of the least expensive horizontal siding patterns. It’s a popular choice since it’s both simple and effective, as well as easy to install. The pattern features siding boards partially layered on top of one another. This is effective since it creates a barrier where the water just rolls down the surface

Dutch Lap – This pattern is similar to the more traditional lap, but instead features a groove cut out of the top of each board. This provides more textual contrast across the home’s exterior because of how each groove seemingly casts a shadow on the grooved panel below it. If you want a traditional look for your home but also want a bit more character, then this is a great pattern to pick.

Vertical Patterns – Aside from horizontal siding, vertical siding patterns have been popular as well. As your locally trusted siding and roof installers, we have a wide selection of vertical siding options as well. With our options, you just might just find the right vertical pattern for your home’s exteriors.

  • Panel Siding Pattern – This is almost as simple as the traditional lap pattern, except that it’s vertically oriented. With this pattern, the panels are still placed slightly on top of one another with a flushed surface.
  • Board and Batten Pattern – This is a more traditional pattern that originated from wood siding. It has vertical boards placed with battens that cover its cracks so it creates a surface that’s also pretty effective in keeping the water out. With the raised batten, it casts a shadow over the boards, creating a nice visual texture.

Shake Patterns

Shake patterns are typically used as accents for the home’s exterior design. The pattern first began as actual wood shakes, but nowadays other siding materials are used to mimic the same wood texture.

  • Square Pattern – These are just small shakes cut into squares and layered row by row. This pattern may look traditional, but it adds more character when paired with horizontal or vertical patterns.
  • Round Pattern – This a more rounded pattern with the lower edges of the shakes cut in a semicircle. If you want to have that cozy and inviting feel, then you may want to try this pattern on the eaves of your home.
  • Staggered Shakes – This is an interesting pattern that features shakes that seem to stagger. The pattern breaks up the rows in a way that makes an interesting composition to use for siding.
  • Mitered Corner – These are essentially square shakes with their corners mitered off. This makes a more textured surface, which can be appealing as accents around your home’s facade.
  • Octagonal and Hexagonal – These shakes have their bottom edges cut two or three times, which creates half of an octagonal or hexagonal shape. They’re similar to the mitered corner design, but with more geometric edges.

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