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Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding to Your Home

When deciding on the most suitable siding for your home, you have to consider durability, aesthetics, maintenance, and cost. Fortunately, with fiber cement siding, you get the best of all four with its performance and quality. In this feature, one of the trusted home improvement companies Kearns Brothers discusses the advantages of fiber cement siding to your home. 

What Is Fiber Cement Siding?

Fiber cement siding is made of four basic components. First is the wood pulp that makes the mixture resilient against damaging elements. The second is water which dissolves the wood pulp and activates the cement. The third is the filler, it may be fly ash or silica sand. The fourth one is Portland cement made of clay, iron, and limestone. This last ingredient binds all four components together.

This siding is already primed, stained, and painted when it comes to your home. It may be smooth or textured. Fiber cement replicates the look of wood but requires less maintenance. This siding has become popular among siding and roof installers because of its impressive durability.

Its Advantages to Your Home

Choosing fiber cement siding has a lot of advantages. It is cost-effective considering it offers a lot of benefits to your home. Fiber cement siding is less expensive compared to other siding options. It’s suitable for hot or cold climates. For humid areas, fiber siding cement is more energy-efficient. It provides higher ventilation and lowers thermal mass. It is also preferred by homeowners in areas that are prone to wildfire because it’s made as a non-combustible material. It is also less likely to be damaged by water. It’s advised to remind your siding contractor to use rustproof steel nails and paintable exterior-grade sealant to help the siding’s flexibility. 

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