When you notice water damage in your home’s roof, pick up the phone and call a roofing expert as soon as possible. The faster you can get your home’s roofing issues repaired, the less damage you will have to fix when everything is said and done. Our team at Kearns Brothers’ goal is to help individuals understand what is happening with their roofing, feel free to call us with any of your winter roof leaking questions.

What Causes Roof Leaking in the Winter

When you see ice dams on your home it may be hard to understand how ice dams cause roof leaks. The secret is actually under the shingles not on top of them. As ice and snow melts and freezes over time, water can be pushed up and over eaves making its way into your attic, insulation, and dry wall spaces.

A second reason you may have moisture in the attic during the winter months is from the condensation from your home making its way through your attic insulation. When warm air hits the cold air that is found in your attic during the winter water condensation is formed. This issue can cause a lot of rotting to be found in your attic space.

A third cause for winter home water damage may be from exhaust fans not venting to the exterior of your home. If the hot air from your bathroom or kitchen is pushed up into your attic this can also cause water condensation to be formed. Over time this condensation can create the water spots on your ceiling you often get from roof leaks.

The flashing on your home keeps a lot of your roof’s gaps covered and protected from the outside weather. If your home needs flashing repairs do not put these off. Allowing this issue to go unfixed will cause bigger issues inside your home.

Can You Fix a Leaking Roof in the Winter?

Picking the right roofing company will open a lot of doors for your quality roofing contractors. Most roofing companies work in the winter and can offer options to fix a leaking roof in the winter. These repairs may only be short-term solutions until a long-term solution can be installed. Call Kearns Brothers today to get top-rated roofing solutions and a free estimate!