Researching the different parts of your roof can be confusing especially if you cannot properly identify the part of your roof you are looking up. At Kearns Brothers we want to educate our customers and help them properly identify different issues on their roofing structure. This topic is going to discuss roof boots, but if you have any additional concerns or questions do not hesitate to reach out for more information.

What is a Roof Boot?

A roof boot is a product that was made to properly cover pipe vents that come out of your home’s roof. These pipes are often connected to parts of your kitchen or bathroom and are needed for proper ventilation. The roof boot goes around the pipe to ensure that the area around the roofing is tightly water proofed. Each boot is made out of rubber and simply slides over the pipe providing a snug fit. It is always recommended that a pipe clamp be put at the top of the boot to ensure it does not become loose.

You cannot always see roof boots on your home from the ground. If you are concerned that your pipes may not have proper roof vent boots you can either call a professional roofing company to inspect your home or you can climb up on your roof and check out what your roofing structure looks like up close.

Why do I need a Roof Exhaust Vent Boot?

The most basic answer to this question is that you do not want to risk water getting into your home. Water damage can cause a variety of issues that could cost a lot of money to repair. As your roof expands and contracts over the seasons, roof boots can crack and peel giving water access to your home’s roofing structure. In order to avoid this, it is important to know which type of plumbing boot works best for your home and your home’s environment.

Not all roof vent boots are made the same and it is important to get a high-quality roof vent boot that properly fits. At Kearns Brothers we offer a wide range of roofing services and our team of top-rated contractors can happily fit the pipe vents across your roof. With our excellent quality products and professionally trained contractors you will be able to rest assured that you have the perfect roof vent boot for your home. Call us today to get started on a free roofing estimate.