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Everything You Need to Know About Roof Flashing Failure

According to roof installers, roof flashing is one of the most important components of your roofing system. This is because since they’re usually installed around joints or penetrations, such as the chimney, skylights and dormer windows, they can prevent water from infiltrating your home and causing leaks. However, if left unattended for a long period of time, your roof flashing will fail, resulting in water damage for your home. With that in mind, it’s best that you learn everything you can about roof flashing failure.

Why Roof Flashing Failure Happens

Oftentimes, roof flashing failure occurs in different ways. For instance, alternate freezing and scorching temperatures can cause your roof to undergo dimensional changes in its structure by forcing the wood and material to shrink or expand, which in turn would cause your flashing to pull away from the surface and fail to protect the areas it’s meant to cover.

Alternatively, flashing failure can also occur if the original roof specs are unavailable during a replacement or repair as it can cause your roof flashing to no longer fit. If this is the case, however, an expert roofer should be able to draft plans that can protect your roof. Finally, the poor installation of the material can also cause your roof’s flashing to fail.

Why You Should Be Concerned

If your roof’s flashing has failed, home improvement companies say that this is a cause for concern as flashing failure can leave your home vulnerable to water infiltration. And if left unattended, it can cause moisture damage such as wood rot on your roof’s decking, compromising its structural integrity. Apart from that, the leak can also encourage mold and mildew growth around your home, putting your health as well as your family’s health at risk.

What You Should Do About It

If your roof’s flashing has already failed, there are not many homeowners like you can do apart from contacting a professional to rectify the issue. Often, if your roof flashing has failed, you’ll likely need to have it replaced or repaired. If you want to prevent roof flashing failure in the future, on the other hand, be sure to have your roof inspected every now and then. That way, they can spot any minor damage that your roof and the flashing has sustained and repaired it immediately.

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