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How Do James Hardie® Products Protect Your Home from Pests?

Siding provides a layer of protection against outdoor conditions such as rain, wind and temperature changes. In today’s post, local siding and roof installation company Kearns Brothers shares how HardiePlank® and other James Hardie® fiber cement products help protect your home against pests.

Common Pests That Plague Siding

Traditional wood siding requires regular maintenance because it is vulnerable to problems caused by various outdoor conditions: swelling, rotting, and warping. Natural wood also attracts pests, the following being the most common:

• Termites — Termites feed on wood and create hollow channels in it called “feeder tubes,” which affects the wood’s structural integrity. They quickly spread to other parts of the house.

• Carpenter ants — Carpenter ants do not consume wood as termites do, but they infest structures with wood to the point where they cause significant structural damage.

• Powderpost beetles — Powderpost beetles burrow into wood. The name “powderpost” refers to the fine powder that the larvae leave after feeding on wood.

• Woodpeckers — Woodpeckers announce themselves with their loud tapping, and are particularly fond of cedar shakes. They bore holes into the wood, which 

The Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding

Homeowners can protect their exterior siding from pests by taking precautionary steps, such as using only pre-treated wood for their siding and treating it with preservatives. Pest control professionals may also be hired to bait the soil near the siding with certain types of insecticides, as well as periodically treat the wood with anti-termite chemicals. Oriented strand board (OSB) and manufactured wood siding may also be vulnerable to the same pests.

Unlike the aforementioned wood and wood-based siding options, James Hardie’s fiber cement products offer little appeal to pests. While it does contain cellulose fibers — the same type of fibers found in wood — it’s blended with Portland cement and silica sand. James Hardie fiber cement siding also comes with factory-applied coatings that serves as a durable and low-maintenance protective outer layer.

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