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How to Care for Your Vinyl Siding

Home improvement companies often praise and recommend vinyl siding because it offers plenty of advantages to homeowners. Not only does it look good in its many iterations, but it also provides energy efficiency and durability. 

That being said, even the best vinyl siding could use a little maintenance and care to last a long time. If this is your first time to own vinyl siding, or if you’re wondering how you can make it last this time, then these tips are for you.

Do Clean It Regularly

Annual cleaning is all vinyl siding needs to stay in shape. That’s how cost-effective this siding option is. While vinyl holds on to its color for a long time, keeping it clean can make it stay beautiful, adding to your home’s curb appeal. 

A power washer can remove most stains and dirt, but avoid using too much power so you don’t end up damaging the slats. Aim downward so water doesn’t seep up the slats. You can also use a regular garden hose. Clean your vinyl siding after every winter. If you live in an especially dusty place, you can quick-clean your siding twice or thrice a year.

Do Clean It With the Right Products

Even if hosing it down doesn’t remove all the grime, your vinyl siding doesn’t need any special chemicals. Just use regular laundry soap or Trisodium phosphate substitute mixed with warm water. Use a soft piece of microfiber cloth to wipe it down, then rinse your siding with a hose.

Don’t DIY-Paint

Vinly siding comes in a great variety of colors, but in case you change your mind, you can have it painted another color. It’s not a good idea to paint it yourself, though. Call your siding and roof installers to ask about their painting services.

Don’t Let Plants Brush Against It

Trim the shrubbery and trees that are too close to your home so the branches don’t brush against your vinyl siding. Strong wind can make branches scratch or puncture your siding.

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