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How to Prevent Storm Damage To Your Siding

Depending on how much damage your exterior has sustained from a recent storm, reaching out to home improvement companies may be needed to fix the issues. This is often the case, particularly if flying debris and wind-driven hail caused the damage. 

With help from reputable contractors like Kearns Brothers, though, you’ll have nothing to worry about. In this post, we discuss how storms can damage common siding types and ways to prevent them.

Common Damage to Siding

Here are the different types of damage your siding can sustain during storms.

  • Holes – They can be caused by hailstones and flying debris. If your siding has holes in it, you must replace it immediately as holes will prevent the system from effectively protecting your home from the elements. Aside from that, your home’s energy efficiency could dramatically decrease as well, causing your bills to skyrocket. To replace your damaged siding, don’t hesitate to contact trusted siding and roof installers like Kearns Brothers.
  • Cracking – Hailstorms are also often the major culprit behind siding cracks. Small cracks can easily be repaired, but a replacement may be considered for large cracks that compromise your home’s protection.
  • Chipping – Siding without inward flexibility to absorb direct hits are prone to chipping. When you’re looking for this, experts recommend that you look underneath the panel section.    

The James Hardie® Difference 

Given how costly it is to repair siding damage, as well as the risks it poses to a home, it’s easy to see why most homeowners want to avoid it as much as possible. That said, consider installing the HardieZone® siding by James Hardie. By installing this siding type, not only will you get a stylish exterior, but also a durable material that resists rot and weather damage, allowing your home to remain protected for years to come.

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