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How to Properly Clean Your Fiber Cement Siding

When it comes to exterior siding materials, you have a wide range of materials to consider. One of the most popular materials that homeowners tend to gravitate to is fiber cement, which is not only a durable siding option but a low maintenance one as well. However, just because this siding material doesn’t need much maintenance, it doesn’t mean you no longer have to maintain it. Like every siding material, fiber cement still needs to be cleaned every now and then.

Here’s how you can properly clean your fiber cement siding.

Clean Dirt, Dust and Chalk

As with every siding material, there are three different kinds of buildup that can occur in your fiber cement siding. The first is dirt, dust and chalk buildup. This is the easiest kind of buildup that you can clean as all you’ll need to remove it is grab a soft cloth and a garden hose. When cleaning it, dampen the cloth and wipe it over the siding. Afterward, you can rinse the cleaned area after wiping it. Make sure to rinse the cloth frequently to prevent the dirt particles from scratching the siding’s finish.

Alternatively, you can also opt to use a paintbrush to remove the dirt and dust particles before rinsing the siding with the garden hose.

Cleaning Oil and Grease

Oil and grease can also buildup on your siding if you aren’t careful. To remove this buildup from the material, grab a soft cloth, a garden hose, and a mild liquid dish soap. Once you have your equipment, dampen your cloth and add the mild soap to wipe the exterior surface of your home. Be sure to rinse the siding properly to prevent the soap from drying on the exterior.

If you’re hesitant about doing this on your own, however, you can always consider enlisting the services of a siding and roof installation professional like Kearns Brothers to assist you in maintaining the fiber cement siding.

Cleaning Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew, on the other hand, can pose respiratory problems for you and your family members so they’ll need to be removed immediately. However, compared to the other two, it needs a bit more work to remove. To do so, grab a soft cloth or sponge, your garden hose, and some mildew cleaner. Carefully follow the instructions on the cleaner’s package before washing the moldy area. Afterward, rinse the area thoroughly to ensure you’ve removed every trace of the cleaning product and your fiber cement siding should be good as new.

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