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Preparation Tips for Window Replacement Projects

Just like a roof installation project, window replacement projects are a significant undertaking that requires careful planning to execute smoothly. In this post, Kearns Brothers, the expert on window maintenance, shares some preparation tips you can follow for your future window replacement projects.

Schedule on a Convenient Time

You might think that a window replacement project will cause inconvenience no matter which day or season you schedule it. This can hold true at times, but there are some windows of opportunity that you can make use of to reduce its impact on your daily schedule. You can take some time off work, or let your children and furry loved ones spend some time away from home temporarily while your contractor is working on the project.

It’s also worth noting that it’s not a wise idea to do this job on your own, especially if you don’t possess the proper tools, skills, and knowledge to complete the job properly. After all, this is why you call on a window or roof repair contractor to handle the job, thanks to their specialized training.

Clear a Path and Cover Up

Once the job starts, make sure that the path to your windows is clear and free of obstructions. Remove rugs, plants, and anything that is in the way of your windows. Make sure that there is sufficient room to accommodate equipment like ladders, scaffolding, and lifts to access the second-floor windows. Don’t forget to remove any decorations and fixtures that are near your windows as well. While they’re on the job, don’t forget to cover up the floor and your other belongings with a tarp to protect them from the dust and dirt that will be created due to the job.

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