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Should You Choose Vinyl Siding for Your Exteriors?

The performance of your siding depends on both the quality of its installation by siding and roof installation professionals and, of course, its material. You want a product that can withstand whatever the elements can throw at it and, at the same time, last for as long as it could. Additionally, your siding material must also meet all these expectations while staying as appealing as possible.

Today, you can choose from dozens of different materials for your siding, from fiber cement to wood, and from metal to vinyl. Each of these carry their own advantages and disadvantages. Of these materials, one stands out as the most popular choice among homeowners: vinyl. Let our exterior remodeling experts at Kearns Brothers show you the many benefits of vinyl siding.


Vinyl exterior siding was introduced as an alternative to, at its time, wood. Wood has been the number one choice for siding for centuries but even experts know that, as a siding material, it has certain limitations. Vinyl was designed to be stronger and longer lasting than wood while requiring far less maintenance and upkeep. It’s resistant to rot, deterioration, and water penetration, which are common problems for wood and other siding materials.

Energy Efficiency

Today, vinyl has come a long way into becoming a truly modern siding product. Firstly, its high R-values— that is, a measure of its insulating properties— is the cornerstone of its energy efficiency. Most vinyl cladding fulfills the requirements to qualify for both the National Green Building Standard as well as the International Green Construction Code.


With regular siding and roof repair and maintenance, vinyl can last for a good 20 to 40 years. Horizontal clapboards, in particular, are well-equipped to handle drainage due to its design, which means most homes can go without a vapor barrier. However, it’s best to discuss these details with a professional to determine which products are best suited for your home.

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