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Siding Storm Damage: How to Deal With It?

While the siding on your home is made to resist harsh weather conditions, that doesn’t mean that it’s immune to damage. Strong winds, flying debris, and hail impacts can take a toll on it, which could require extensive repairs or replacement.

If a storm has recently hit your area, be sure to address siding damage immediately. Kearns Brothers, one of the leading siding and roof installers in the area, shares some tips on how to get started:

Assess the Damage

Depending on the siding material, hail can leave holes or dents. Winds from storms can also cause the siding to crack and chip. Inspect your siding for signs of damage and get in touch with your trusted local contractor right away.

Check Your Insurance Policy

Most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover siding damage if it’s caused by a storm and other severe conditions. However, it’s still best to understand what your policy covers and get the best deal from it. Reputable home improvement companies like Kearns Brothers can assist you on this matter and help you prepare the necessary documents to file a claim.

Perhaps your insurance policy comes with an additional provision for replacing the siding on your entire exterior, even if the damage is only isolated in one area. It might also include a matching siding coverage, where your insurer will pay to repair or replace the damaged area with materials that are exactly the same as that of the undamaged section.

File a Claim

Before you make an insurance claim, get an estimate from your contractor first so you can have a basis when your insurance company provides one, too. The estimates you will receive from them should be similar because they often use the same type of software to calculate the cost of damage. Both parties will also discuss the best course of action to take for your siding.

If you’re asking yourself, “where can I find siding or porch repair contractors near me?”, look no further than Kearns Brothers. We are the premier home improvement company that Michigan residents rely on for more than 30 years. Contact us now at (888) 203-7077 for more information about our products and services.

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