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Signs That Your Home Needs New Siding

There are a few signs that indicate whether you need new siding for your home, apart from obvious signs like boards falling apart. In today’s post, the siding and roof installers at Kearns Brothers share these signs that you need to watch out for.

Impact Damage


Siding is exposed to the same conditions your roof is exposed to. This means it’s not uncommon for siding to sustain damage from impact caused by hailstones and fallen tree branches. Scratches and other kinds of surface damage can be repaired, but split or cracked sections will definitely need to be replaced. There is also the matter of how widespread the damage is — severe impact damage merits a complete siding replacement. When choosing new siding for your home, take it as an opportunity to upgrade to siding with better impact ratings.


Dry Rot


Dry rot is a type of rot caused by fungi that consumes wood cells and spreads microscopic strands into the wood fibers. During the later stages of dry rot, the wood begins to split, crack, or crumble. Wood siding is susceptible to dry rot, which is why it has higher maintenance requirements than other siding materials. For your new siding, you can choose low maintenance options like vinyl or fiber cement, which, in addition to being resistant to dry rot, does not require repainting or restaining. Dry rot can also affect other parts of the home exterior, such as decking and porch rails. If this happens, you should search online for “porch repair contractors near me”.


Frequent Repainting


Siding made of wood and unfinished composites typically need a new coat of paint every few years. Signs like cracking and blistering are indicators that your siding needs a new coat of paint, and if your siding is showing these signs too often — as in less than a year between repaints — then the siding surface has been scraped and repainted too often. Primer won’t stick to its surface anymore.


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