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Top Questions to Ask Roofers for Multi-Unit Properties

When it comes to roof installation or replacement for your multi-unit property, preparation is key. Apart from your budget, you also need to make sure that you’re hiring the right professional for the project. To help narrow down your options, here are some of the questions you should ask your potential contractor during an appointment:

What Ongoing Services Can They Provide If Repairs or Maintenance Are Required?

Commercial and multi-unit buildings have ongoing service requirements to preserve their structural integrity. This prevents costly damage caused by aging and exposure to the elements. 

Ask your roofing contractor to perform a routine inspection on your roof. This allows them to address any underlying issues before they become a major problem. Furthermore, they can provide you with a report that details the overall health of your roof, which can come in handy should you need to file insurance claims.

What Coverage Is Available on Workmanship and Materials?

Apartments and condominiums usually have long-term owners, which means roofing warranties can stay valid for long periods. That said, scrutinize every detail of your warranty so you know what components are covered in case problems arise years after the initial installation. In addition, make sure that the contractor you’re working with is still operating by then to avoid unwanted hassles by the time you need a roof repair.

How Capable Are They to Work on Larger Properties?

Not all roofing companies have the capacity to work on commercial buildings, including apartment complexes and multi-unit rental properties. When interviewing, ask the contractor if they have the credentials, resources, and manpower to work on large-scale projects like yours. You can also request a list of references if there are any and ask about how the contractor delivers their work from start to finish.

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