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Why You Should Replace Your Siding This Spring

Spring is the perfect time to undertake home renovations, especially after the assault of snow, ice and sleet during the wild winter. Apart from roof repair, another common exterior improvement chore to take on during the spring season is replacing the old, shabby siding material. Here, our remodeling experts at Kearns Brothers break down several reasons to replace your siding this season of blooming flowers.

  • Energy Efficiency — Cold, biting temperatures encourage homeowners to crack up the heat in order to stay comfortable during the winter season. This offers a unique opportunity to take a closer look at the resulting energy bills. If your heating bills are higher than expected, it is possible that your siding is at fault because it is no longer providing sufficient insulation. If this is the case, let a professional inspect your siding, along with other exterior components, and fix the problems at hand. When you replace your siding, you will be filling all the cracks and holes that may have allowed warm air to escape.
  • Moderate Weather — Installing a new siding material when the weather is either too hot or too cold can bring about several issues down the road. For example, vinyl exterior siding will expand or contract when the temperature changes, resulting in not being properly attached to your house. The best temperature to install siding is around 50°F, the perfect spring temperature.
  • Minimal Maintenance — If your old siding requires frequent repairs and maintenance throughout the year, then it is time to replace it. Choose a material that is durable, rot-proof, insect-resistant and long-lasting to protect your home against the threats of upcoming seasons.

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