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About Kearns Brothers

Kearns Brothers, Inc. was established in 1986 by Mike Kearns. After working in the home improvement industry for a couple of years, Mike was driven to start his own business—one that would be built on a foundation of customer service.

A Home Improvement Company Founded on Values

What had originally been a masonry company with Mike selling and performing the work eventually became the Kearns Brothers we know today—a home improvement company that delivers customer service, work done right the first time, and value with every job performed.

Today, more than 30 years later, Kearns Brothers continue to attract and retain some of the finest professionals in the industry—living proof that Mike is correct in his belief that the strength of a company relies on its team.

Excellent Customer Service & Craftsmanship Come First

Like a lot of business startups, Kearns Brothers was started in the basement of Mike’s home. As the business grew, he continued to focus on doing the right thing for the customer. Kearns Brothers began attracting knowledgeable, experienced, and dependable tradespeople that grew into dedicated employees with a strong commitment to the company’s philosophy and culture.

We opened our first brick-and-mortar showroom in Dearborn in 1992, with a second one following in Plymouth in 2015. Kearns Brothers and its team continue to be inspired by Mike’s philosophy, which includes always doing right by the customer and being the best you can be, both at work and outside of it. 

When You Are Here, You Are Family

Kearns Brothers provides practical, consistent solutions for people seeking quality home improvement services. We’re proud to have been able to maintain a small company feel without losing site of our culture and personality.

Today, Kearns Brothers employ 50 people and continues to be an integral part of the Dearborn community. With many reviews from happy clients, an A+ BBB rating, and numerous awards and certifications, our future customers can trust in our ability to do excellent work.

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