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Chimney Protection & Repair

Maintaining your roof system means keeping an eye on your chimney, too. As your trusted local roofing company, you can count on Kearns Brothers to provide the attractive and durable results you expect. With over three decades of experience under our belt, we know how best to protect your property from the worst of the Michigan weather.

As an award-winning roofing team with an A+ BBB rating and over three decades of roofing experience under our belt, we know what it takes to shield your home from whatever the world throws at it. Here’s what our chimney repair company can do for you.

Comprehensive Chimney Services in Michigan

When it comes to keeping your chimney in good shape, there’s no one better to have on your side than Kearns Brothers. Our team offers a wide range of roofing and chimney services for our customers, which means you can count on us to keep your home’s exterior in peak condition through every season. As your trusted roof repair and replacement team, you can count on us to provide:

  • Free Roof Inspections: The first step to working with our team involves a complimentary inspection where we’ll come look at your roof and chimney, recommend a plan for action, and leave you with a detailed cost estimate for the work.
  • Chimney Protection: With our chimney crowns and ChimneySaver water repellents, we guarantee your chimney will be well protected from the elements. The crowns will prevent water from damaging the masonry below and the repellents reduce water penetration overall.
  • Chimney Repairs: Our team offers a wide range of repair services, including chimney flashing repairs, tuckpointing, leak repairs, mold remediation, and more. Get in touch with our exterior specialists to learn about our custom services.
  • Preventative Chimney Maintenance: The best way to avoid issues with your chimney is to keep an eye on it over the years. Even if you don’t suspect any issues are developing, the best thing you can do is perform routine maintenance. Our team can help with that.

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Are you ready to take your roof system to the next level? Our roofing experts at Kearns Brothers will be by your side through every step of the project. We offer premium products, efficient services, and a pleasant customer experience from start to finish! Plus, we can handle other projects, including:

  • Roof Replacements
  • New Roof Installations
  • Roof Repairs
  • Commercial Roofing 

Give us a call to learn more about our professional services or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation with our team today.