A chimney is essentially an unprotected entrance into your home for rain, animals, and debris. Investing in a chimney cap is one of the most important parts of keeping your home performing properly. A chimney rain cap sits on your chimney and allows air to leave or enter while preventing anything else from entering.

They can often be decorative and integrate seamlessly into your home's exterior design. Even if you already have a cap on your chimney, scheduling annual roof inspections is important to ensure everything is in working order. Let's go over more about chimney rain caps.

Do I Need a Rain Cap on My Chimney?

Whether you live in a wet or dry climate, a chimney rain cap is essential to maintaining a clean and operable chimney vent. A cap is a fundamental part of a successful, working chimney and can mean the difference between rain pouring into your home or not. They also prevent animals and birds from infesting your chimney and causing much larger issues.

Why Is Rain Water Coming Down My Chimney?

There are a few reasons why you may have rain coming down your home's chimney. With a professional chimney inspection, detail-oriented experts will be able to spot the issues right away. Typically, rain infiltrates the chimney because of a crack in the chimney structure or a broken rain cap. If your rain cap is the problem then you can simply have an expert replace it seamlessly.

What Types of Chimney Rain Caps Are There?

When considering a chimney rain cap for your home, there can be an overwhelming amount of options. From decorative to high-performance, you'll have to balance your wants, needs, and budget for a new chimney rain cap. Here are some of the most common types of rain caps besides standard and custom options on the market:

  • Weather Shield
  • Top Mount
  • Band-Around Brick
  • Electric Draft
  • Integral Damper

How Can I Tell If My Chimney Rain Cap Needs Replaced?

Luckily it's pretty easy to determine when your chimney rain cap needs to be replaced. If you notice precipitation coming in through your chimney then it's likely time to replace the cap. It's also telling of an animal infestation if you notice debris falling down your chimney or animal noises. The best way to determine what's wrong with your chimney is to have a professional check it out.

Get in Touch With Kearns Brothers for a Free Inspection

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