A squirrel sitting on the deck of a home.

Have you been hearing unknown noises in your attic recently? This may indicate that some curious creatures have entered your property's attic and are looking to make it their home as well. 

When you have animals in the attic, it can be a frightening experience that leads you to wonder what your solutions are for the problem. Fortunately, this article will provide information on how animals get in the attic and how you can fix it. 

How Do Animals Get in the Attic?

When animals enter your attic, the most likely cause is an opening in your roofing system. Generally, a standard roofing system has no areas that allow animals to enter freely and it keeps your attic animal-free.

However, when there are damaged shingles or flashing, you may be opening an opportunity for animals. Many animals like mice, raccoons, or possums will seek shelter in a property's attic. 

What Damage Can Animals Cause in the Attic?

Having animals in your attic is never good, as they can cause costly damage to your property. Attics house many of the crucial systems in a property, like electrical wiring, HVAC system, and plumbing. 

Animals can chew on critical materials like electrical wires or HVAC ducting in your attic, causing extensive damage. Once damaged, you must pay for repairs and replace all the damaged systems. 

How Can I Prevent Animals From Entering My Home?

If you have to prevent animals from entering your home, you should first seal any access holes on your roof. Sealing the holes will prevent animals from easily opening into your property.

Some other effective ways to prevent animals from entering a home are:

  • Pest Repellants
  • Pest Traps
  • Cover Vents
  • Trim Tree Branches Over Roof

How to Remove Animals From My Attic

Once you've confirmed that there are animals in your attic, you next should contact a wildlife removal service. You should never attempt to remove wild animals from your attic yourself.

After removing the animals, you should consult a professional remodeling company for assistance. An experienced remodeler will help patch any openings that the animal used to enter your home and prevent future issues. 

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