Pouring rains can create problems with your gutters if they are not properly maintained.

If you’re like many homeowners, you might not give your gutters much thought—until there’s a problem. One sign that something is amiss is gutters overflowing.

When gutters are in good shape and installed correctly, they should be able to handle rainfall. You shouldn’t ignore gutters overflowing into eaves. Instead, quickly identify the reason and take steps to invest in a needed gutter replacement or repair.

What Causes Gutter to Overflow?

Extremely heavy rainfall may cause your gutters to overflow even if they are in good shape. If, however, your gutters overflow even during moderate rain, you likely have a problem.

Some causes of gutters overflowing include clogged gutters and insufficient gutters and downspouts. Damaged gutters can also lead to overflowing gutters.

What Happens When Gutters Overflow?

Are overflowing gutters a big deal? They can be. Leaking gutters can cause mold, rot, and erosion around your home’s foundation. It can leak into the eaves and allow moisture to enter your home over time.

One thing you should not do is ignore overflowing gutters. Instead, work to determine the cause and take immediate steps to correct any issues.

How to Fix Gutters that Overflow

The fix depends on the problem. If you’ve neglected to maintain your gutters, the cure for overflowing gutters may be as simple as clearing your gutters of debris.

Installing gutter guards can greatly reduce the need for maintenance, but if your gutters don’t have gutter guards, it’s important to clean them regularly to prevent clogging.

If your gutters are damaged or outdated, you’ll need to call a Dearborn gutter replacement or repair company. Gutter replacement specialists will determine if you need a simple repair or if it’s time for gutters.

Either way, you’ll want to act quickly to protect your home and prevent further damage.

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