Long-lasting and gorgeous copper gutters can drastically change the exterior of your home.

Like any decision regarding your home, it is okay to have many questions cross your mind. When it comes to getting new gutters installed, Kearns Brothers wants to make sure that you have enough information to make a qualified decision.  

For example, what are the pros and cons of copper guttering and copper downspouts? What does the cost comparison look like? Are they durable gutter material? All of these questions are valid and will be answered in this blog, so don’t worry, because Kearns Brothers Roofing has you covered! 

What are Copper Gutters and Why do They Matter? 

Copper rain gutters play a vital role in safeguarding your home by efficiently channeling water from the roof to the ground. These gutters are known for their functionality and beauty, making them a perfect addition to any home. Compared to traditional materials like aluminum or vinyl, copper gutters offer unparalleled durability due to their natural resistance to rust. With proper care, they can last for several decades, providing a reliable and long-lasting drainage system for your home. 

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Copper Guttering 

Let’s look at the advantages of copper gutters: 

Pro #1: Longevity. Copper gutters can outperform traditional aluminum gutters, lasting up to 40 years when well-maintained, keeping your home dry and secure from the elements.  

Pro #2: Elegant Aesthetic. The simple yet elegant look of copper gutters adds historical charm to your house, potentially becoming a selling point if you decide to sell your property. While copper gutters can heighten the sophistication of your home, it is important to consider if they match the architectural style of your home.  

Like many beautiful things, there are some drawbacks to consider: 

Con #1: Higher Cost. The luxurious appeal of copper gutters comes with a higher price tag, discouraging some homeowners from choosing them. Copper gutters cost more but this type of gutter lasts longer. 

Con #2: Professional Installation is Required. Due to their weight and complexity, it's best to have copper gutters installed by professionals to ensure a flawless outcome. Entrusting a gutter installer who has worked with copper materials will pay dividends.  

Tips for Maintaining Copper Gutters in Livonia, MI 

It is no surprise that our winters can be harsh here, so it is important that we give our homes the extra TLC it needs. Although copper guttering systems can last you up to 40 years, it’s crucial that you understand the maintaining process. Don’t fear, Kearns Brothers is here with some helpful tips!  

Tip 1: Regular Inspections. Conduct inspections at least twice a year, particularly in spring and fall, to detect any signs of damage such as loose fasteners, dents, cracks, or sagging. 

Tip 2: Prompt Repairs. Address any leaks promptly to prevent water accumulation and potential damage to the home's exterior or foundation. 

Tip 3: Cleaning Process. Clean the gutters and downspouts regularly using warm water, a sponge, or a brush with soft bristles. Avoid harsh cleaners or polishers that could damage the copper. 

Embrace the Patina Effect 

Over time, you may notice a greenish layer forming on your copper gutters. This is called patina and you shouldn’t be alarmed because this is a natural oxidation layer that actually helps protect the copper from rust. It is a sign of their durability and should be embraced.  

However, be wary of any red coloration, as it indicates rust and requires attention. A helpful way of remembering this is, green patina is good, red is bad.  

When you install copper gutters, it's important to think about the materials they'll be in contact with. Using compatible materials like wood or James Hardie fascia can prevent problems like corrosion and rust. This simple step will help your copper gutters last longer and work effectively. 

Consider a Professional Installation Team 

For a seamless and reliable installation, trust the experts at Kearns Brothers. With over 30 years of experience, their gutter installation team will ensure your home remains well-protected from water damage. Our team is trained in installing copper and aluminum style gutters. 

Contact Kearns Brothers Roofing today for a free estimate on copper gutter installation and elevate your home's functionality and curb appeal. Embrace the beauty and functionality of copper gutters and enjoy a well-protected home for years to come.