What is the perfect gutter color for your gutter replacement project?

Your gutter system is one of the most important components of your roof. Its responsibility is to move water through the gutters and downspouts away from your home’s exterior.  

While their importance is not understated, there are decisions to be made with gutters. In recent years, more colors have been made available. Homeowners no longer have black gutters and white gutters to solely choose from. 

Now there are a plethora of colors for your home. Stuck with color choice? Light color? Dark?  

The team at Kearns Brothers will walk you through the best way to choose a color for your gutter installation project 

How to Choose Gutter Colors {Best Way} 

The color scheme of your home should factor into the ultimate decision of choosing the perfect gutter color. The merits of weighing color selection for your gutter projects revolve around curb appeal. Picking a color that pops can set your house aside from other homes on the block.  

However, there are important considerations to weigh. If you have an HOA or local requirements, you may have to select a color that matches your existing gutters. At the end of the day, you do want to stay compliant with the local rules and regulations.  

Finding Gutters to Match Siding 

Siding comes in a plethora of colors, not to mention paint options. Your home’s siding can be an infinite number of colors. That said, it can be easy to match to the variety of gutter colors that are on the market (it’s a far smaller number).  

The advantage of having gutters match siding is that downspouts and gutters blend in. You won’t see the downspouts as clearly. If a solitary color is what you’re interested in, matching siding is a great option.  

Can Gutter Match the Roof? 

On the flip side, asphalt shingles have several color options and finding the perfect complimentary gutter color will be easy. By matching the gutters to the roof color, you can expect a seamless view of your home.  

Match the Trim 

If you have a home with trim accents around the doors and windows, matching the gutters to trim may be an option. Trim does not blend into the siding so matching the trim may show off the downspouts. 

Contrasting Gutter Color Options 

If matching isn’t what you’re after, you can certainly pick gutters that contrast your home’s exterior color. Choosing a contrasting color will make a statement and can help raise the curb appeal. We’ve all seen homes with distinctive color palettes and gutters are a great way to make your home more distinctive.  

Best Color Combination for Gutters 

  • If you have a brick home, look for white or black gutters.  

  • Choose white gutters if you live in a grey or blue home. 

  • If you have a natural, earth tone home, look for something similar 

  • Green gutters can look great in a home with green siding.  

Kearns Brothers are the Local Gutter Experts 

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