A new roof installed by Kearns Brothers.

Are you asking yourself, how do I find out how old my Dearborn or Plymouth roof is? You are in the same boat as a lot of homeowners whether you purchased your home yesterday or a decade ago.

Oftentimes, the question doesn't come up until you notice your roof is having some issues with wear and tear. By the time you realize you never asked how old the roof is, you may have lost contact with the previous owners. Luckily, there are a few other ways to find out for yourself.

Inquire With the City for Roof Permits

The first thing you should do if you want to know the age of your roof is try calling the local building department or your homeowners association for the information. Chances are, if the roof was replaced then there should be a permit in the system for this home improvement.

Be advised that this process can sometimes take weeks if the building department is backed up with different requests. It's best to take this route if you're not on a limited timeline for finding out how old the roof is.

Ask Around the Neighborhood

When you need answers about your home, it may be a good idea to ask around the neighborhood. Chances are that long-term homeowners in the area may remember the summer your home got a new roof. This information is invaluable and can save you a lot of time and money trying to find out how old your roof is.

Contact a Roofing Company

There are a number of tips and tricks your local roofing company can use to find out how old your roof is. Modern technology is rapidly changing the way we approach these issues. If all else fails, get your trusted roofer to perform a detailed roof inspection to figure out how old your roof is and how long you have until it needs to be replaced.

Reach Out to Kearns Brother for Roofing Services

Kearns Brothers is Dearborn's leading home remodeling company for dependable roofing services. We offer comprehensive roof inspections to find out the condition and age of your home's roof in no time. We also specialize in the following services:

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With our experts by your side every step of the way, there's virtually no limit to how we can help you achieve a stunning exterior home remodel. We offer free damage reports and insurance claims processing. Contact us today to get started on your free quote in Dearborn!