Mortar wear to your chimney may require tuck pointing to keep it in good shape.

Tuck pointing is an effective technique used to repair or improve masonry on your property. If you have worn masonry on your property, tuck-pointing may be the best solution.

As an experienced home remodeling company, we have completed numerous tuck-pointing projects for our customers. This article will cover what tuck pointing is and how you can use it for your property. 

The Basics of Tuck Pointing

Before deciding if tuck-pointing is a proper solution for your home, you should learn the basics of it. When tuck-pointing masonry, the goal is to repair mortar joints in brickwork and make it uniform in design. 

An exterior remodeler will add new mortar to the joint and improve the structural integrity of the wall. Additionally, tuck-pointing will enhance the appearance of the masonry and improve its design for your property.

Signs Your Home Needs Tuck Pointing

Tuck pointing may be recommended for a wide range of issues with your property's masonry. Generally, this repair solution will be completed when the mortar in the masonry has crumbled or lost its integrity. 

Once the mortar has crumbled, the brick can have gaps, misalignment, and water infiltration. If you want to minimize lasting damage, you should repair damaged masonry as soon as you spot any signs. 

Doing it Yourself vs Hiring a Professional

After confirming you need to tuck point masonry on your property, you may consider doing it yourself. If you have never worked with masonry before, you may be unaware of the skill involved in the process.

Tuck pointing requires a high level of knowledge and skill to provide quality results. Attempting to perform the process yourself could result in further damage that could affect your masonry's integrity. 

Design Options for Tuck Pointing

When completing a tuck pointing repair, there is a wide range of design options for you to choose. While people traditionally match the mortar to the original appearance, you can pick other creative designs.

Some design options you can choose for your tuck-pointing repair are:

  • Contrasting Colors
  • Raked Tuck Pointing
  • Geometric Patterns

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