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Can Vinyl Siding Withstand Freezing Temperatures?

Cold, frosty winter months are starting to roll around. It time to think about how freezing temperatures and precipitation can impact the exterior of your home — especially if you have vinyl siding on your structure. Vinyl is quite notorious for being susceptible to temperature changes. In this article, one of the leading home improvement companies in Michigan discusses the different problems vinyl cladding can encounter when exposed to chilly weather and how to solve them. 


Since vinyl material is sensitive to temperature changes, your siding can become brittle and tough when it interacts with subfreezing temperatures. This can make it easier for the boards or panels to crack or sustain damage from hail, snow and other debris. It also requires extreme care and attention to install new vinyl siding in the winter season. Like most wall cladding materials, vinyl contracts in cold temperatures, which can cause issues after the weather warms up.


Strong winds can also be damaging to vinyl panels. Blow-offs can happen anytime if siding materials have not been properly nailed in by siding and roof installers. But since vinyl is prized for being lightweight, it is easier to pull off and detach from your house. This often occurs when vinyl pieces were nailed in too tightly. When temperatures go up, the siding buckles and yanks off from your home, making it even easier for the pieces to be blown away by the wind.

How to Prevent Problems With Cracking and Blow-Offs

If your home frequently encounters issues due to frigid temperatures, fiber cement makes a nice alternative to standard vinyl siding. This material is generally composed of wood, fibers, cement and silica. It is extremely durable, remains stable during extreme weather and does not experience the same problems with expansion and contraction that you commonly see in plastic. Though fiber cement costs a bit more than vinyl, you know that you are paying for a long-term investment.

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