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Color Trends You Can Consider for Your Asphalt Roof

According to home improvement companies, the roofing system of your home plays a huge role in its curb appeal. This in turn can improve your home’s overall value. With that in mind, it’s understandable if you want to pick the best color for your roof and one way you can accomplish this is by following the color trends that are currently available.

Here are the popular color trends that homeowners can consider for asphalt roofs.

Darker Roof Colors

As architects and designers are favoring the use of dark body colors for homes nowadays, roofing experts recommend that you consider the use of darker roof colors as well. That way, you can harmonize the colors for a quiet drama that can add stability to your home. To install a roof with darker colors in your home, don’t hesitate to turn to the expert roof installers of Kearns Brothers for their assistance.

Neutral Colors

On the other hand, if two or more body colors are combined in your home alongside various trim colors, consider installing roofs that have simpler or neutral colors instead. Alternatively, this can also work for homes that use deep, strong colors for their exteriors. That way, the neutral color will properly showcase the home’s body color as a result.

Best Way to Choose Roof Colors

While it’s alright for you to follow the popular color trends for roofs, you don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to them. Instead, it’s recommended that you choose a color and design for your roof that matches your neighborhood. If you’re having a hard time choosing the right colors, however, you can always consider consulting with the roofing manufacturer to review different sample boards and request to see multiple shingle colors from your contractor.

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