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Fiber Cement Siding: Keeping Them Clean

Fiber cement siding materials are widely known in the market due to their durability and timeless appeal. As a homeowner, it’s also your responsibility to keep your property clean. Whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, floor tiles, or the siding, nothing makes a homeowner feel better than a sparkling clean home.

In today’s post, one of the top home improvement companies, Kearns Brothers, give pieces of advice on how to clean your home’s fiber cement siding.

Prepare the Necessary Safety Equipment

Before beginning, have all of your safety apparel and equipment ready. It’s better to stay safe when working on parts of your home even if it’s just a cleaning session. Prepare safety masks to protect yourself from dust, particles and other harmful substances that you might encounter while cleaning your siding. Also wear protective glasses to shield your eyes from debris and particles you’ll dust off while cleaning. Don’t forget to cover your plants while cleaning because some of the particles that you’ll clean off may fall on them.

Use the Proper Cleaning Tools

Even though your fiber cement siding is resilient to damage, you wouldn’t want to make a huge scrape that can damage your siding and blemish its looks. Siding and roof installers advise preparing non-abrasive brushes and cloths, as well as cleaning solutions that won’t damage your siding. To clean dirt on your siding’s surface, use a soft-bristled brush to remove it. Afterward, wipe the area with a small wet cloth until the surface area is clean. Give the area a splash of water once you wipe everything off. Now, if your siding is full of grease, oil, or other substances, clean the surface area with a soft cloth and wet it with soapy water. As you clean the surface, be sure to rinse your cloth accordingly as not to spread the substances even more. Once the surface is clean, wash it with a garden hose on moderate power.

Removing Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew are among the hardest contaminants to clean off your siding’s surface. These are formed due to high humidity and moisture in the area. This will become especially common during the summer months. To remove these you’ll need stronger cleaning substances to wash them off. Before starting, prepare a soft cloth, a soft sponge, a water hose, and a mildew-specific cleaning solution. If you don’t have a solution, water will do. Start off by scrubbing the area with mildew with water mixed with the solution. When using a solution, be sure to take note of the manufacturer’s instructions so you don’t damage your siding. Gently follow-up by scrubbing the area with your sponge, then finally clean off the surface with soft running water.

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