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Warning Signs of Siding Storm Damage

As a rule of thumb, you should have a contractor from one of your local home improvement companies inspect your exterior after a storm or any extreme weather event for that matter. No matter how durable your siding is, it’s likely to have suffered damage after a storm. 

What are the warning signs your siding suffered storm damage? For the most part, it depends on the type of siding you have.

Common Signs of Siding Damage

  • Vinyl siding – if you have vinyl siding installed, keep an eye out for cracks between the valley and ridges of the siding panel, chipped siding panels, and large holes caused by large hailstones or wind-driven debris. 
  • Stucco siding – Stucco siding should have no problem handling moderate weather, but the impact from gale-force winds and large hailstones is strong enough to leave holes in stucco siding. 
  • Brick siding – A brick exterior is durable enough to weather through most storms without any significant damage, but severe storms can leave cracks near the corner of bricks. Wind-driven rain that has managed to infiltrate the exterior can also cause some bricks to bulge. 

What if you haven’t noticed any signs of siding damage? It would still be a good idea to schedule a roof inspection. After all, it’s easy to miss some of the warning signs. Not to mention it takes time for the warning signs—specifically those involving moisture damage to emerge—to emerge. And by the time these warning signs emerge, it’s already too late to mitigate siding damage. Remember: the sooner exterior damage is detected and roof installers replace damaged components, the lower the risk storm damage affects other parts of your home. 

Increasing Your Siding’s Resistance Against Storm Damage 

No matter how durable your siding is, it won’t last long if it can’t handle your area’s climate. If you need help finding a siding replacement that’s suited to your area’s climate, you might want to check James Hardie’s® HardieZone® system, which was created to ensure that homeowners get the right product for their region. 

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