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Why a Total Tear-Off Is Necessary for Your Roof Replacement

A roof replacement is a critical endeavor for a homeowner. Many people often wonder whether it is necessary to let a roofing contractor complete the entire process of tearing off the old roof rather than opting for a simple re-roof. In this article, one of the leading home improvement companies in Michigan discusses why a tear-off is essential most of the time.

Installing New Shingles Over Old Ones

It is legal in certain Michigan communities to install new shingles without a tear-off, which is defined as the removal of the entire roofing system, provided that the current condition of the roof allows it. However, the structure of your home has weight limitations that need to be followed. Moreover, re-shingling over an old roof without tearing off the existing materials is prevented by most manufacturer warranties.

Why Tear-Offs Are Necessary

Oftentimes, roof installers are required to perform a tear-off before putting new shingles in place, either due to legal rules or manufacturer warranties. Installing new shingles over old ones is prone to leaks and reduces the service life of new shingles. Remember that roofing shingles are heavy. The last thing you want is to add more weight to the existing layer of shingles, especially as snow and hail begin to fall from the sky.

Keep in mind that only a complete tear-off can the roof decking be thoroughly inspected for mold growth, rotting and other sorts of damage. Moreover, if your shingles are old enough to need replacement, so is the underlayment. If your roofing system was installed several decades ago, it is likely that your underlayment is made of a felt material, which is not nearly as durable as modern synthetic materials.

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