​​Kearns Brothers specialize in storm damage roof repair and roof replacement.  Severe weather is a regular occurrence, and we’ve been helping homeowners in the metro Detroit area for over 30 years. Kearns Brothers have replaced thousands of roofs since we opened our doors. We’ve won numerous awards for our commitment to delivering exceptional customer experience and our craftsmanship in the roofing industry.

What To Do If There Was Extreme Weather in Detroit Metro Area

Severe weather conditions happen throughout the year in Michigan. Cold, snowy winters and sweltering summer heat will do different things to your home. You must know what signs to look for after severe weather has occurred. Kearns Brothers recommend that you always complete a walk-through of your home’s interior and exterior after an extreme weather event. Kearns Brothers recommend completing a walk-through because roof issues and leaks can lead to more severe problems. You will save yourself from a costly headache if you catch a leak early. 

Signs That Severe Weather Damaged Your Roof 

What are the signs of roof damage? Kearns Brothers doesn’t recommend that you climb up on your roof. Save that for the experts. Not only do Kearns Brothers have decades of experience, but we know how to identify roof damage. Leave the roof inspection to the pros and stay safe on the ground!

Inspecting Your Home’s Exterior Following Severe Weather

Conducting a preliminary inspection of your home’s exterior can give you insight into whether your roof was damaged or not. Call Kearns Brothers for a free roof inspection if you’ve experienced a hail event or severe weather.

  • Take a look at the condition of your shingles. Are there missing or torn shingles?
  • Inspect around the perimeter of your property to look for any shingles that could have blown off. 
  • While looking around your property, check for downed branches on your roof or the ground. Downed branches can dent and ding your shingles and even pierce a hole in your roof. Additionally, tree branches can cause damage to your gutters, break the seal of your windows and gouge your siding. Pay close attention to where the branch fell and any nearby damage.
  • How is the flashing around the chimney and skylights? Are there any dents, bends, or cracks? Damaged flashing can act as an entry for moisture.
  • Can you tell if there is missing caulking on vents and chimneys? The caulking helps keep moisture out of your home, and if it is damaged, water gets into your home. 
  • How does your siding look? Did any downed branches pierce, scratch, dent, or gouge your siding?
  • Inspect your windows. Look for any torn screens or water coming in around the windows.
  • Don’t forget your gutters! Are they sagging? Did your gutters overflow with heavy rain? Can you identify any areas of pooling water beneath your gutters? Are the downspouts attached?
  • Are there granules from the shingles in your gutters? Granule loss is a sign of shingle wear.

Should You Inspect The Inside of Your Home After a Severe Storm?

Absolutely. The roof protects the inside of your home. Identify moisture or an active leak quickly if it has a way into your home.

  • Survey your attic. Do you see any wet spots or wet decking?
  • Check out your ceiling drywall. Are there any wet spots, sagging drywall, or an active roof leak? Wipe up the water to remove the fall hazard and place a bucket underneath the leak.
  • Visit your basement. What does it have to do with your roof? Water can find its way into your basement if your gutters are overflowing. Remember, gutter systems direct water away from your home and the foundation. 
  • Is there moisture between your window panes? The condensation may not be evident immediately, but it could indicate that you need a window replacement sooner than later. 

Filing a Roof Insurance Claim for Storm Damage Roof Repair

Call your insurance company upon completing your inspection. Be sure to document ALL damage to your home. Take pictures and make notes of everything. Clean up any hazards such as puddles and broken glass.

What Are Storm Chasers? And Why You Should Select a Local Roofing Company Instead.

You may encounter a storm chaser following an extreme weather event in Dearborn. Storm chasers are roofers that offer cheap and fast roof repair or replacement. They may not live in Dearborn or even in Michigan! A quick and easy fix may sound like a great option, but there are many reasons that you should choose a trusted local roofing company.   

The top seven things to look for when choosing a Dearborn roofing company

  1. Warranty- Find a roofing company that offers a warranty. A roof warranty will protect you if there are any unforeseen issues with your installation. Bonus points if the roof warranty is transferable to new homeowners. 
  2. Financing options- Getting a new roof isn’t cheap. Don’t settle for a substandard roof. Finance a new roof and get the one you deserve! 
  3. Fully insured and carry the proper work permits. No one working on your home shouldn’t have insurance.  
  4. References- Leverage sites like, Nextdoor, or the Better Business Bureau to gauge the quality of roofing work. 
  5. Longevity in the roofing business. You want a roofing expert diagnosing and installing your new roof. 
  6. Free Roof Inspection- All roof inspections should be free. Look elsewhere if someone tries to charge you for a roof inspection.
  7. A thorough roof inspection. Your inspection should look at the following:
  • Shingle inspection
  • Gutters
  • Attic ventilation
  • Flashing inspection
  • Condition of the storm collar

Get Your No-Cost Roof Inspection From Dearborn’s Best Roofing Company! 

Contact the pros at Kearns Brothers for a complimentary roof inspection. The team at Kearns would be happy to meet with you to discuss your roof replacement options. We offer easy financing and work with insurance.