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September through early November is the perfect time to complete your fall window maintenance. Kearns Brothers recommend fall for several reasons, first, it is in-between extreme weather seasons. Second, getting ahead of a window problem in the fall can save you from a heat loss perspective and reduce your HVAC bills.  

What Steps Do I Need to Take to Complete Fall Window Maintenance?  

Fall window maintenance falls under two categories at Kearns Brothers. There is cleaning and inspection. Both can be done concurrently (no need to get the ladder out twice!). Cleaning will help remove pollen, dirt, dust, and grime and will allow great fall sunshine right into your home. 

Start Your Holiday Preparation by Cleaning Your Windows 

This fall, be sure to set time aside to clean both the inside and the outside of your windows. You will need the following supplies to complete the job.  

Cleaning the inside of your windows 

  • Window cleaner (DIY or store-bought) 

  • Dust-free microfiber cloth 

Cleaning the outside of your windows 

  • Window cleaner (DIY or store-bought) 

  • Squeegee w/ extension pole 

  • Ladder 

Hire a professional window cleaner if getting up on a ladder proves to be difficult. No need to make cleaning your windows any more difficult. Always opt for the safer route.  

Cleaning your windowsills and tracks 

  • Dawn dish soap 

  • Spray bottle 

  • Rag or toothbrush 

Mix a couple of drops of Dawn dish soap into your full spray bottle. Spray the solution on the area you wish to clean and let it sit. By letting the solution sit, it will loosen the dirt and grime that has accumulated on your sills. Use a rag or toothbrush to remove the grime. 

Kearns Brothers Suggests You Inspect Your Windows in the Spring and the Fall 

Inspections, like cleaning, are a way to be informed of the condition of your windows. While conducting your window inspection, here are things to look for. 

  1. Check and see if the windows open and close easily. Windows that are difficult to open or close are safety hazards that should be addressed immediately. 
  2. Do the locks function with ease? This may be related to a shifting house and much like windows that are difficult to open or close are a hazard to anyone living inside the house.  
  3. Can you see peeling paint or missing caulking? Peeling paint and missing caulking is the first step toward a window problem. Missing caulking will allow moisture into your home. Re-paint your windows and fill all areas of missing caulking.  
  4. Are your frames rotten, brittle, or cracked? If your windows are starting to rot or have turned brittle, you are due for a window replacement sooner than later.  
  5. Is there condensation between the panes? This is a common sign of seal failure. It may also be a sign of storm damage. Condensation between the panes decreases the energy efficiency of your windows.  

If you are experiencing any of the above issues and would like an expert inspection, reach out to the team at Kearns Brothers. We have been helping Detroit metro homeowners with their home exteriors for nearly 40 years.  

Why is it Important to Clean and Inspect My Windows Before Winter? 

Kearns Brothers recommend cleaning your windows in the fall and spring because it is between two extreme seasons. With heat and cold, windows can expand or shrink. Summer storms can bring strong wind, hail, and more, leading to window problems. Extreme weather, over time, will gradually cause products and materials to break down. Be on top of the condition of your windows by conducting regular inspections and cleanings. 

What are the Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows? 

Upgrading your windows to a more energy-efficient style has numerous benefits. First, the return on investment can be as high as 70%. Couple the ROI with the savings on heating and cooling savings if you replace it with an Energy Star window. 

Energy Star windows are meant to reduce hot and cold air loss. They have multiple panes of glass that are typically filled with gas to act as a barrier from heat and cold. The Energy Star windows have additional insulation which helps lower your HVAC consumption. By reducing loss, your HVAC works less. A study conducted by the Department of Energy can save up to $465 a year by replacing non-energy efficient windows with an Energy Star window. 

While window replacement is not inexpensive, the long-term benefits of ROI and overall savings make it an easier project to undertake. 

Call Kearns Brothers if You Find Problems While Conducting Your Fall Window Maintenance 

Kearns Brothers have been helping Michigan homeowners with their home exterior projects for nearly 40 years. Our team of experts will gladly walk you through your window questions and concerns. Contact Kearns Brothers today to schedule your free inspection.