Don't damage your roof by taking short cuts when installing Christmas lights.

*Disclaimer: When hanging your roof, ensure that doing so is allowed under any building and safety codes. Avoid hanging lights during wet weather, such as rain or snow. Have somebody with you during the installment process, especially a professional to ensure safety and avoid damage.*

One of the best Christmas season activities for many is decorating their home, both inside and out. However, some of the methods for adding a festive flair to a home’s exterior can damage the integrity of your roof.

It is important to learn how to hang Christmas lights on your roof safely, as roofs are essential for keeping a home together and safe from debris and other external damages, including the commonly heavy Michigan snow.

Use Clips Instead of Nails or Staples

Many people use staple guns to attach Christmas lights to the shingles of their roof for security. However, once the lights are removed, revealing holes and damage, your home will be open for any water to enter. The introduction of moisture can result in mold and mildew inhabiting your home, creating an unsafe environment.

Christmas lights clips are an excellent alternative.

Types of Plastic Christmas Lights Clips

Using plastic Christmas lights clips will make the installation and removal process simpler and safer than using a nail or staple gun. There are different types of Christmas light clips suited for each type of roof and hanging location.

  • All-In-One Clips: These clips are used if you’d like to hang lights from your shingles and gutters, although it’s best not to hang lights from shingles at all, as they can break under the weight. However, if you choose to use them anyway, this is a better option than nails or staples.
  • Eave Clips: Eaves are the edges of the roof that extend past the exterior sides. It is much safer to hang your lights from these than shingles. Eave clips are designed for that purpose.
  • Clay Tile Clips: It is less common to have a roof that uses clay tiles, however, if you do have one, there are clips specifically designed for your home.

Don’t Use a Ladder or Walk on the Roof

Climbing a ladder to install lights can be dangerous to you and your roof. Leaning a ladder against your home can result in sagging gutters and potential damage to your shingles due to the weight. Walking on your roof can also cause damage, so if you need to, it’s best to wear soft shoes and not walk during times that direct sunlight is hitting your roof. 

As a solution to both of these issues, it's best to learn how to hang your Christmas lights without a ladder. For example, you can use a light-hanging pole, which allows you to attach lights from the ground. Additionally, you can rent a bucket lift for cheap so that you won’t have to walk on the roof or worry about fumbling with a ladder.

Clean Your Gutters and Use Gutter Guards

Although you should always make sure your gutters are clean, it is imperative to ensure they are when hanging lights. When the lights are turned on, they will generate heat, which will warm up any leaves and debris in the gutter. This can possibly result in a fire hazard that will pose a threat to your roof, home, and any inhabitants.

Once clean, to avoid any debris entering while your lights are installed, contact one of our professionals at Kearns Brothers to add gutter guards to your home.

Repair Your Roof With Kearns Brothers!

No matter how many precautions you take, your roof may still endure some damage and require repair, whether from hanging lights or natural factors in the Midwest. It’s also important to periodically get your roof checked, whether you notice damage or not, as decay is not always visible. Our award-winning experts at Kearns Brothers have you covered with high-quality, lasting improvements.

Contact us today for more information on our Michigan-based roof repair and replacement services!