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Siding Replacement: Is a House Wrap Necessary?

Siding replacement typically involves choosing among styles, colors and designs. But apart from these elements, you may also have the option to add a house wrap prior to the installation of your new siding. 

Kearns Brothers, one of the area’s most trusted siding and roof installers, shares more information about house wraps to help you decide whether to add this before siding installation or not.

House Wrap: What Is It?

A house wrap basically acts like a barrier against moisture or wind. It is usually made from a permeable material that allows water vapor to go through the material while making sure the water droplets are kept out. This makes it easier for house wraps to dry quickly and deter mold growth.

If the purpose of your house wrap is to provide protection against wind, the house wrap would seal gaps and leaks in the plywood sheathing or OSB panels. This will keep drafts from your insulation and prevent heated or cooled air from permeating your walls.

Should I Opt for a House Wrap?

To know the house wrap requirements for your home, the first thing that you should check are the local building codes. You should also consult home improvement companies or siding professionals to determine the specific type of house wrap that you should use for your home.

In general, house wraps are most beneficial to siding made of wood, vinyl or aluminum. Wood siding is typically designed with multiple seams where boards overlap, so it can be susceptible to moisture damage. Meanwhile, vinyl and aluminum siding can also be affected by moisture since it is possible for water to enter through the cracks where panels are joined.

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