A green home with freshly cleaned James Hardie siding.

James Hardie fiber cement siding is desirable amongst homeowners nationwide because it’s resilient, beautiful, come in a variety of textures and is low maintenance. However, low maintenance does not mean any maintenance. There are steps that every homeowner needs to take to make sure their Hardie siding is looking great.  

How Frequently You Should Clean Your Hardie Plank 

Cleaning Hardie plank siding should be part of your regular exterior home improvement cleaning. The team at Kearns Brothers recommends that you clean your siding twice a year; once in the spring and once in the fall. This schedule is like cleaning your gutters and completing regular window maintenance. 

Completing siding cleaning in the spring will get you past pollen season and cleaning the siding again in the fall will remove all the dust and dirt from the dry summer. Cleaning your siding twice a year will also provide a good check into the condition of the exterior of your home.  

Can You Use a Power Washer on Hardie Board Siding? 

Using a pressure washer to clean your siding may feel like a quick and easy way to blast all dirt and grime off your home.  

However, it is not recommended by Hardie. A power washer can damage the siding if used incorrectly. The high-pressure blasts of water can gouge the Hardie board. Keep it simple and go for a garden hose with a spray nozzle.  

Is Bleach a Good Hardie Board Cleaner? 

Bleach is a harsh chemical. Fortunately for you, James Hardie siding does not require the use of harsh chemicals. The best cleaning product to use on your Hardie Board is dish soap, like Dawn.  

Best James Hardie Siding Cleaning Tips 

When it comes to cleaning your James Hardie siding, you don’t need to go exotic. The supplies you need are easy to come by. You may already have them in your garage. If not, they are readily available at any home improvement store.  

  • Garden hose 

  • Spray nozzle 

  • Dish soap, like Dawn 

  • Bucket 

  • A soft sponge or cloth 

  • A soft-bristled brush that does NOT have metal bristles 

  • Extension for the brush, if necessary 

How to Clean Concrete Fiber Siding 

We will discuss how to complete general cleaning and what to do if you have oil or grease on your siding. It’s very similar to cleaning any other siding materials. Take the following steps if you are cleaning an area of siding that may have dirt, grime, and pollen on it. 

  • Work in a small section 

  • Spray from the top to bottom 

  • Using a soft cloth or sponge, wipe down the siding 

  • Rinse the cleaned area from top to bottom 

If you have heavy, caked-on dirt and grime, follow these steps to restore your siding: 

  • Mix dish soap and water in a bucket to get a good soapy water 

  • Rinse the area from top to bottom 

  • Using a soft brush scrub the siding with the grain and never against the grain 

  • Rinse from top to bottom 

Removing Mold and Mildew from Hardie Siding 

One of the best parts of Hardie siding is that its composition keeps it flame resistant, insect resistant, rot resistant, and mold and mildew resistant. Using a mildew cleaner on your Hardie siding is redundant. 

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